Econarchy: A Salient Critique of Laissez-faire

America’s Economic Problems are more than the Federal Reserve Bank. More than an expanding Government & Debt. More than the loss of American manufacturing. More than the destruction of Small Business.

Our once heralded system of “Free Enterprise” has been abused by giant corporations who centralized and internationalized the American economy.

Laissez-faire is as guilty of destroying American small business as the international bankers and Congressional Keynesian Socialists!

America’s historic struggle between Greed & Liberty…


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Elliott Germain

The author, in one book, tells the whole story tracing the historical evolution of these economic elements – the efforts of certain American forefathers to resist economic centralization – how the gold and silver monetary standard was manipulated to deliver America into a debt-based money system – how the international banking cartel used the Federal Reserve System as a model to create a global FED/Bank. A chronological presentation of deliberately deployed economic tactics – an expose’ of the illusive world of international bankers, socialist politicians, Wall Street, the national debt, economic strategies and effects of wars, a world currency, and the difference between internationalism and globalism.


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