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Piers Compton

(Limited stock) “The Hidden Hand in the Vatican”-This book although shocking is not an attack upon the Catholic Church but rather an exposé of secret forces that, demoniac or man-controlled, took over the government of that Church at its highest levels, in furtherance of a centuries-old plot by its foes. Covers unknown aspects of the Vatican story including the many prelates who have rendered themselves excommunicate by their initiation into secret societies, together with their code names. It demolishes the myth that was ready to embellish the personality and teaching of ‘Good Pope John XXIII’; and it details the scandals and enigmas presented by Paul VI – were either of them true Popes? Was John Paul I poisoned in 1978? Also is a topical appendix on the Vatican bank’s connection with the strange death in London at Blackfriars Bridge of financier Roberto Calvi….an eye opener!


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