THE CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN: His Fight for National Independence and Constitutional Government


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Reprint of 1964 edition

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Clarence Manion

The author, a former teacher of American History and Constitutional Law at Notre Dame for 25 years, traces the “Conservative uprising” back to its dim yet definite origins up to the then current situations of the 60s and the prevalent political establishment; explaining it as a logical development accelerated by accumulated repressions beginning in the mid-1930s. His final analysis to “His Fight…” are the two fundamental articles of Conservative faith. Included is the controversy about the Bricker Amendment, the Connally Reservation, Income Tax, the shrinking authority of State’s rights, and the growing complex of Federal regulations and the continued curtailing of citizen’s rights. He wanted a victory in the Cold War against Communism as a moral end in itself and as a prerequisite to the ultimate reestablishment of Constitutional Government and National Independence.


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