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4 3/8"x6.5" hardcover.


1237 including Preface and Index

The Author

Dom Gaspar Lefebvre


New hardbound reprint of the 1954 edition, sized 4 3/8″x6.5″. As in the original this reprint has the Oration, Epistle, Gospel, Secret and Post Communion for the Sundays and Feast Days in English only which makes it a smaller and more compact missal. The Canon of the Mass as well as the Introit, Gradual, Tract, Alleluia verse, Offertory verse and Communion verse are in both Latin and English.

This missal includes: the Feasts added by Pope Pius XII inserted or referenced on the proper day; the updated prospers for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary as instituted by Pope Pius XII; updated Divine Praises; and the addition of the Litany of St. Joseph.


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