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Back to Our Roots

Over 4 hours of material, formerly on 4 VHS tapes, now on 2 DVDs – Jesus Christ was/is a threat to the Synagogue of Satan because He revealed many of the occult practices and He taught that these secrets would be exposed in the last days. This dazzling multimedia video series draws from Kabbalah’s own sources and scrapes away at the glossy veneer of the latest trendy craze practiced by Hollywood’s jet set. From the same producer of the 6-part World War II video series. Part One: explores the hidden, secret aspects and origin of Kabbalah, its relationship to demonology and Black Magic, and the Star of David (Seal of Solomon). – 50 minutes. Part Two: The mysterious and perverse teachings of Zohar, Satan’s true work; also, how Karl Marx’s blueprint for Communism had its roots in Kabbalah. – 51 minutes. Part Three: The relationship between the ancient pagan cults and current Kabbalism, including the shared belief in “transmigration of souls.” It is a spinoff of the Eastern religions with one added ingredient – the belief and promotion of racial superiority. The Kabbalah’s reliance on wizardry and necromancy and the important role played by depraved sexuality in this diabolical cult. – 77 minutes. Part Four: The relationship between Kabbalism and psychotherapy focusing on the work of Sigmund Freud, whom by his own admission stated that he was not a man of science but merely an adventurer, even referred to himself as “the Devil.” His utter contempt for the Goyim has been documented. Also exposed is the cleverly disguised, yet blatantly pantheistic nature of Judaism, when evolved into Kabbalism – it is craftily connected to Hinduism, and New Ager Deepak Chopra admits that most Jews don’t realize the amazing parallel between the two. Also is a look at the Christian Zionist (most Sunday morning evangelists)- the most powerful weapon in the Israeli/Zionist arsenal in their bid to silence critics of their Talmudic agenda.


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