SKULL AND BONES: The Catholic Connection


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105 minutes

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Anthony Hilder

DVD exposing how Priests, Preachers and Politicians are being used by the Illuminati against Christianity – in the fight for a Satanic New World Order. War has been declared upon Christendom (Catholics and Protestants), as well as the Constitution and the sovereignty of the United States by New World Order Globalists backed by the ACLU, ADL, and the “Managed Media” who work to re-crucify Christ and Country and denigrate the Deity of God. How the present Neo-Con Cabal in our government, fueled by Evangelical Christian Zionists, have entered the arena of treason and sedition against its people; under the guise of Christian and Conservative – they are neither! Also contains material on the illegal and immoral use of depleted uranium in the Middle East fighting against Israel’s foes, and football hero and soldier Pat Tillman’s decision to expose the truth about war in Afghanistan. Some material not suited for children.


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