TRANSFER OF POWER: The War of 1861

The Great American Mystery – Exactly how did the Federal Government become the supreme and intrusive power over what was intended to be a Federation of Sovereign States?


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Elliott Germain

The fall of America – how the War of 1861 destroyed the constitutional foundation of this nation. The author discusses how foreign money powers failed to establish a central bank during the years of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson and so later used wealth and influence to instigate the War and ultimately dismantle the original legal and currency system. Review the history of how the Federal Blue Coats waged war against the Indian Nations during the same years that it fought the South; how an illegal 39th Congress passed martial law powers that continued after the War. He traces the roots of racial unrest and explains how government and corporate media must perpetuate racial unrest to hold on to their avarice and greed…

This book will challenge what you thought you learned in history ingrained through indoctrinating education – …and so it is true, “to the victor go the spoils!”


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